Within the last couple of years I have trekked to Everest base camp, been on a life-changing survival TV show, learnt to snowboard (badly), spent 4 months in the French Alps took a one way trip to Ibiza ( the less said about that the better), fought in a boxing match for cancer research and won yay! ……. yeah life in the last couple of years has been pretty awesome and will continue to be so.

If we rewind a few more years back I have been homeless, abused drugs and alcohol, self-harmed and had a mental health history as long as Pinocchio’s nose, two different people right? I’d prefer to say 2 different lives but the same person.

I have built this site all around mental health and fitness two things that have played a big part in my life’s journey, there is a lot more coverage on mental health these days which is great and if your reading this and thinking things will not get better for you do not worry take it from me there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

I have always had a passion for fitness, from playing Football, Rugby to athletics cross – fit or generally just sweating it out in the gym. I now strive to get that dream body and will give you tips and updates on diets and health products that are working for me so far. Fitness definitely bodes well with dealing with any type of mental health and general well being.

This site is about, health, fitness and mental health, If however, this site brings a bit of motivation, inspiration, and a little laughter to those that may be going through rough times in their life then that would be a Brucey bonus … now I would like to add I do not see myself as some sort of guru or a preacher and last time I checked I wasn’t  a Dr, however, I would love a few letters after my name at some point (4 letter words not included)

Either way, I hope this is happy reading

Stay  Stunning