5 Mental tips to get you through your work out

We've all been there, its cold outside, its raining or it's just a day... your workout beacons but you'd rather keep this emotional tie you have to your blanket right now as you feel you've finally found that connection you've been looking for. However, In order to get the maximum benefits of, any workout, it’s what [...]

6 Benefits of Stretching

What are the benefits of stretching So I've got my gym shoes on playlist picked, water bottle filled let's do this ... I walk into the gym straight on to the treadmill ... Prodigy Firestarter comes on and I am then suddenly transported to the Creamfields festival ... I finish that and then head over to the [...]

Exercise Benefits Your Mental Health

Now we have all heard it at least 6.9 million times that exercise benefits you and sitting around on your bum isn't and this is as true as a song from Spandau ballet, but not only will working out give you that body that people will want to eat a 3 course meal off of [...]